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Why design a special luggage to your company or circle of friends? There are many reasons: First, it's a practical gift. Second, it's a good advertisement output. Third, it's something to share with your friends and last but not least, you will differ!

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BoardGame suitcase – most definately one of the most interesting options from the Playluggage boardgame collection:

What makes this model one-of-a-kind, is a combination of boardgame and a graphic design and colour of your own choice.

Board games are placed in front of the luggage (220x220mm) and you may choose your favourite game from our collection – LUDO, CHESS and CHINESE CHECKERS. In case the previously mentioned games are not thrilling enough, you may design your own boardgame or replace it with a graphic design.

Pildid / - Ka 2



Drawing suitcase – an electrifying luggage that helps to spend time as well as is practical in different situations:

You may choose the colour of the front and back cover yourself. Although we are suggesting a white cover, doesn’t mean that you are not able to draw on yellow or grey suitcase. What makes the luggage unique, is that you may add your own graphic design or companys’ logo to the back cover.

Pildid / - Ka 3


Picture suitcase – Probably the fastest way to get your luggage, which makes it the most popular suitcase from Playluggage’s collection.

You may choose between 5 different colours – black/white/silver/blue/red. Your own design (23x38 cm) goes to the front cover as a 3D crystal sticker. A stylish product and one of a kind front cover create a unique luggage, keyword of which is DESIGN. To give you a better idea, you may try your own designs here:

Pildid / - Ka 5

ART suitcase – it’s a process with a beautiful result. Playluggage with a cooperation of the best graphic designer Kristjan Luiga can design your company a special luggage with a graphic design and a little twist. 

Pildid / - Ka 6


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