It's always sunny in Amsterdam

It was raining the morning I took a train from Cologne to Amsterdam. You know that you're in the Netherlands as soon as you see hundreds of bikes waiting for their owners in the parking lots.

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Amsterdam is lovely. We all know the Red Light district and interesting sex museums that hide themselves in the city. In the Netherlands people are probably the most free-minded people in the world and when you’re there, you can almost feel it.

The centre of the city, with all of its canals, bridges, small boats and old buildings, is marvellous.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for hotels and taxis during your stay, because nowadays there are many alternatives. I, for example, was couchsurfing and it was a very nice first couchsurfing experience, because you will meet locals and they will really put an effort into showing you around. I went to places I wouldn’t have gone without my lovely host.

And I'm sure I will go back, because it's always sunny in Amsterdam.

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