With Playluggage to mountainous Chile

During the last year I have been travelling a lot. I made my way through western Europe and ended up in South-America. I took a decision to move to Chile and so I did. That is the decision I will never regret.

For most of the Europeans it’s easy to go to Santigo de Chile. Book a flight, check your passport and go.  One is able to stay in Chile for three months without any visa requirements and if there is a need to stay longer, just take a weekend trip to Argentina. I can assure that as soon as you step your foot to this amazing country of wines, you will probably fall in love immediately. While cruising on the highway that lies between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, you may enjoy the wonderful and unique nature of Chile.

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The busride from Santiago to Viña del Mar takes about one and a half hours, besides, the buses are quite comfortable. Viña del Mar is a coastal city in the region of Valparaiso, 120km to the west of Santiago, and it’s connected to Valparaiso, Reñaca and ConCon.

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If the centre of Santiago looks like any other metropolitan, except with the view to the Andes, then for adventure-seekers I am suggesting to visit smaller cities and chilean country-side. The beauty of Latin-America is to see how locals really live.

Valparaiso, the famous harbour city with it’s nearly tropical climate, will amaze everyone with it’s small colourful houses on the hills. Endless stairs, small cafes, street art, -musicians and –food are the things defining Valparaiso. It would be a shame to leave the country without eating a completo and drinking pisco. The night has to end in a local bar, zipping michelada and dancing with locals to cumbia rhythms.

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Although it might be very hard to find a local who will speak English, I suggest to find one. The experience will be twice as awesome, if you see the real life, catch the real vibe and keep away from tourist traps. Only locals are able to show the places that tourists can’t spot. Besides, it’s not fun to go to the other side of the world, stay in a hotel and hang out with other tourists.

While staying in Valparaiso, one should definately visit the local fare, where all sorts of tropical fruits and vegetables are being sold and in Europe we could only dream about this kind of juicy prices. After that experience, it was very hard for me to buy avocados from Estonia that taste like green grass. Besides, Chile is a land of seafood and you can’t even imagine how big is the choice of fish and seafood in the fare.

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Whenever you get the chance, take a peek what is outside the big city and go smell fresh chilean air and see how local cowboys, huasos, are living. In summer, from december to march. there’s a dry season and it practically doesn’t rain at all, so the nature seems a bit like a red desert but with the Andes that loom in the distance, it’s just amazing. There are huasos riding the horses in the mountains, wearing chupallas, the typical hat of a chilean cowboy.

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The best thing to do now, is to pack your Playluggage, book the flight and travel to Chile. What could be better than spending the cold and sad European winter in warm and beautiful Chile? Besides, the summer is just starting and cities are full of happy and carefree people.

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The flight is going to be long, so Playluggage with it’s special features will be a perfect way to kill the time.


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