Las Vegas Green

Lightweight and durable aluminium frame, two wheel luggage with 100% plastic playing cards. All game pieces are included, so you can easily play on the go. Suitcase have TSA approved lock systems. The wheels are slightly protruding, taking up little space and are extremely shock resistant. This will ultimately make traveling more enjoyable when you can pass the time by playing a game with a friend.   

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Aluminum frame, ABS material
Lightweight aluminium frame with a lining and ABS plastic covers are moisture resistant and maintain the shape, protecting the baggage.

Telescoping handle
Telescoping handle allows people of different height to use the luggage without any difficulty.

Playluggage wheels are equipped with best bearings and designed shields.

TSA Locks
TSA - Transportation Security Administration. U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
TSA is a lock which can be opened and locked in U.S. Customs while travelling in United States.

Descriptive keywords: simple, practical, high quality. Due to the deep rearward luggage cover it is easy to pack things and close the front cover. Baggage is protects by a durable fabric that can be easily cleaned if necessary.

The luggage comes with a 100% plastic playing cards.


  • You can take it with you in a cabin.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials and accessories.
  • Deep rearward luggage cover allows to easily pack things.
  • Slightly protruding luggage wheels take up little space and are very shockproof.
  • Ultralightweight aluminium frame with a lining ensures the luggage’s form, durability and moisture resistance.
  • Thanks to the board game on the front cover it is possible to spend time pleasantly.
  • Not a single unnecessary detail!

Rules and history of poker.

Playluggage 5 years Warranty applies to:

  • ABS+PC coating
  • wheels
  • aluminium frame
  • TSA locks
  • handle

Warranty is valid only if the product isused for its intended purposes!

Dimensions cm 48x32x20 cm/18.9x12.6x7.8"
Weight 2,6 kg/5.7 lb
Capacity 27 L/7.1 U.S. gal.
Availability Yes
Series Carry-on with playing cards "Las Vegas"